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Bioclimatic design pergolas in Mallorca

Sun protection systems

Brustor Pergolas in Mallorca. The largest variety of bioclimatic pergolas on the market for your terrace.

Sun Pro - Bioclimatics Pergolas

Brustor is the world’s leading brand for bioclimatic pergolas due to its exclusive design, quality, and unique performance.

The striking modern design of Brustor’s bioclimatic pergolas gives the house or business in which they are installed an innovative and exclusive character. They integrate harmoniously and enhance the overall aesthetic appearance.

Thanks to the intelligent system of adjustable louvers or even the system of retractable or foldable louvers, it is possible to regulate the amount of light entering depending on the time of day, either allowing light in or protecting against sunlight, while always maintaining a ventilated and comfortable environment.

The Brustor pergolas not only provide sun protection but also protect against rain thanks to their efficient integrated drainage system, transforming the space into a cozy covered porch.

Stay tuned and discover with Brustor the model that best suits your needs.

The entire team of architects and SunPro’s own technical installers will help you design and install it, guaranteeing you the best conditions, highest quality, and best service.

We look forward to welcoming you to our exclusive Brustor showroom in Mallorca or visiting you for free to design and advise you on the best solution for your home or business.

Our brands of bioclimatic pergolas:



Brustor B600S Pergola in Mallorca: The most complete pergola from Brustor, the bioclimatic pergola with adjustable and simultaneously foldable louvers.

It is the only pergola in the world that folds its louvers in a minimal space; only 13%, while others require up to three times more space. Its various configurations and accessories such as vertical side closures, sliding doors, lighting, or heating make it the most exclusive pergola on the market.


Brustor B150 (XL), B200 (XL), and B250XL Pergolas: These bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable louvers up to 145 degrees are ideal for any terrace in Mallorca. They offer numerous customization options: integrated vertical screens, LED lights, sound, and heating.

Custom-made and available only on the market in dimensions of up to 7 by 4.5 meters with only 4 pillars. These are the models with the best value for money on the market.


Brustor B128 and B300 Pergolas in Mallorca: Thanks to their retractable or foldable fabric or PVC roof, the Brustor tension sail pergolas in Mallorca provide perfect protection against sun, rain, wind, and dirt through their taut fabric. When retracted, the sky remains open without any intermediate elements.

It is the highest quality tension sail pergola on the market and comes with the guarantee of Brustor, the world’s leading provider of fabric pergolas. At SunPro, we will provide you with free home consultation.


Brustor B700, B720, and B800 Pergolas: Discover our pergolas in Mallorca with fixed roof and combined roof with adjustable louvers. Designed to adapt to your style and needs. With options including glass, sandwich panels, or louvers. The B720 pergola is perfect for terraces in Mallorca with outdoor kitchens, allowing you to cover the cooking area perfectly with a fixed roof and combine it with a bioclimatic pergola. The B800 pergola with fixed roof in Mallorca transforms your outdoor space into a covered porch or an elegant and functional carport design for your vehicle.

At SunPro, we have the best solution for your terrace or garden.


Integrated vertical screens 

To ensure both privacy and sun protection, vertical blinds can be integrated into the beams, providing privacy and additional shade on all four sides while being hidden within the pergola structure. Maximum sun and wind protection guaranteed.

LED lighting, heating, and sound 

For additional comfort, it is possible to integrate lighting into the louvers and around the perimeter of the pergola or install LED spotlights in the beams of the pergola, as well as heating and sound systems. All dimmable to create warm and personalized atmospheres.

Glass closures and wooden sliding doors 

At SunPro, we offer the possibility to integrate glass closures or wooden or aluminum sliding doors into the side walls of the pergolas to adapt to your preferences and needs, with the highest design and functionality.

SunPro, as the exclusive Brustor representative in Mallorca, invites you to visit our Brustor showroom in Mallorca. Brustor is the world’s leading and most renowned manufacturer of exclusive design and exceptional quality for bioclimatic pergolas.

We are happy to show you all the features and functions of our bioclimatic pergolas, explain how they work, show you the finishes, and present the various available options that set them apart from other pergolas on the market.

Our team of architects and technicians is at your disposal, and we look forward to personally advising you and providing you with the best design, highest quality, and best price with the SunPro guarantee. Alternatively, we are happy to visit you at home for a free consultation.