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Adjustable blinds

Adjustable blinds Mallorca

Las persianas graduables no solo tienen un diseño que se integra perfectamente en los proyectos más modernos

Sun Pro - Velas Solares

Adjustable blinds boast a design that blend in perfectly with the most modern projects, and their structure offer excellent solar protection. We are able to not only adjust their height, but also the direction they’re positioned in according to the time of day.

This way, we can control the radiation by avoiding the entry of heat and therefore enjoy considerable energy savings. This allows the heating systems to work at a slower pace when blocking the sun and the outside heat.

The direction of the slats allows us to see the exterior, but blocking the solar rays, reflected thanks to their exclusive design. The companies working with SunPro are leaders worldwide, guaranteeing the best design and quality for our customers.

Visit our showroom and discover the full selection of exterior adjustable blinds; our products and solutions always include personalized attention from our SunPro team.

We will be delighted to help you with your project.

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